Get Netsync Video Streaming APP for iOS

Once download and install the Netsync Media Server, then you can be able streaming the video from media server to your iPhone, iPad.You can either let other media server owner add you to his family member and without install Netsync Media Server by yourself.
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Home Page, Media Server and Tag List

The home page will show your media server and the media server owner who added you to his member list.
The orange light means you currently can connect this media server by WAN mode, the green light means you currently can connect this media server by LAN mode. The light will adaptive changed automatically. Connect to the media server with WAN mode will cost with your 3G/4G/Cellular.
The tag list also show in the home page. It's means you can easily to follows some TV Show, Movie ... in the click time.

Browsing Page and Library

Once you clicked the either media server from home page, you would be enter to the browsing page of media server, after that you would be see video file that classify by library. The library means video directory in the media server. You can add / remove library in the media server's setting page, also can give different family member with different library access right.
You can tagging the video that you want followed by click star icon, the tagged video will be show in the home page.

Playback Page and Streaming Bitrates

You can click the right-upper signal icon to change the streaming bitrates. Currently Netsync support RAW, 4k2k, 1080p, 720p, 480p bitrate items, but you can custom the actually bitrate value as you need in the setting page of media server.
The RAW mode means streaming video without transcoding, currently only support video codec with H.264, also without subtitle supported.